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GreenLife Industries, LLC Timber and Lumber Product Information

Taking steps towards sustainability....


Our ‘Blue Pine’ Log cabins, homes, and wood products are salvaged from our Rocky Mountain ‘standing dead’  ‘Blue’ Lodgepole Pine that has been killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle.   We then recycle the dead timber into beautiful and unique wood products.  This epidemic has devastated millions of acres of forest in the Colorado Rockies and there is no end in sight.  The Forest Services predict that 90% of our Lodgepole forests will succumb over the next several years, forever changing our forest-scape. Each piece of ‘Blue Pine’ features the random, unique, and beautiful blue-grey streaked tinting, sometimes with red’s, maroon’s, and occasionally yellows.

All of our logs are dried naturally by the forces of nature, and there is very little moisture left in our products.  Planning is done in the 10-16% moisture range (the kiln dried standards) to ensure a quality finish and wood stability. Utilizing these trees, by ‘salvaging and recycling’, is a sound step in sustainability.  We urge you to take the step: “Be Green, Build ‘Blue’, by ordering and promoting the use of these beautiful wood products from our local forests. 

 All but our milled products are handcrafted by local craftsmen, and will have natural variations in coloring, thickness, width, and appearance.  These ‘imperfections’ add to the beauty, charm, and uniqueness.  For those of you seeking rustic elegance, and a true ‘Rocky Mountain appearance’, you can feel good about playing a part in utilizing these gifts of nature, and you’ll be thrilled to see how they make your project truly one of a kind. 


We offer a ‘standard’ product line that you will have a hard time finding anywhere else. We show a large selection of unique products on our website and on display at our showroom in Granby, CO.   We are also happy to work with you on a custom basis in designing and manufacturing almost anything that can be done with wood.


Rough-cut and Milled Lumber                                                                    Lengths


1x3, 1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12                                                                      6’, 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’

1½ x 4, 1½ x 6, 1½ x 8, 1½ x 10, 1½ x 12                                          * Custom Lengths to 30’ available      

2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12

3x4, 3x6, 3x8, 3x10, 3x12                                                                  We now offer hundreds of

4x4, 4x6, 4x8, 4x10, 4x12                                                                  different molding patterns that

6x6, 6x8, 6x10, 6x12                                                                          that you can choose from!               

8x8, 8x10, 8x12                                  Please visit our website to see all that we can offer in our ‘Blue Pine’ product line!

10x10, 10x12, + 12x12                                                                                   We also offer Hand-hewn finishes.


Flooring, Ceiling and Paneling Products - T&G boards come in both a ‘square shoulder face’ for flooring and siding, or ‘v-groove notch’ and ‘bead board styles more commonly used for ceilings and walls

  -2x4, 2x6, 2x8,                                                                                  6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16,

 -1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12                                                                (Ask about 1x10 and 1x12)

Natural Log Products


Natural, Knotty Log Slabs for Siding, Baseboards, Headers, Casings, and Chair rails - For use with or without chinking – product may be butted and stacked, without the need for chinking, or it may be spaced and chinked.

  -4”, 6”, 8” widths with variations in thickness                                 4’,6’, 8’,10’,12’ 

*Note: Slab Log Siding may be peeled on tops only or may include peeled edges as well – this creates a straight uniform piece that makes it easier to install than our Natural Log Siding products.


Natural, Knotty Log Siding -For Use with Chinking.  This product will make any home look similar to a hand-crafted log home, but usually for significantly less cost. Standard product orders will have thickness variations and are offered in standard lengths up to 16’, but custom orders of longer lengths are available

  -6-9” widths, with variations in thickness (generally 1¾-2 ¾”)

  -9-11” widths, with variations in thickness (generally 2 ½ -3½”)

  -Half-log siding in 6-7”, 7-8”, 9-10”, 10-12” widths

            *Note: Log side may be ordered with bark on, Nature’s Carvings©, skip-peeled, or hand-peeled

Double-wavy boards* - for use with chinking on interior or exterior walls, either rough-cut or planed

  -6-9” widths                                                                                      8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’

  -9-12” widths                                                                                    (14’s + 16’s will have more taper)

            Note:  Wavy edge may be ordered with bark on, Nature’s Carvings Ó, or hand-peeled


Single-wavy boards -for use as lap siding

  -6-9” widths                                                                                      8’, 10’, 12’

  -9-12” widths                                                                                    Ask about longer lengths

            *Note:  Wavy edge may be ordered with bark on, Nature’s Carvings Ó, or hand-peeled


D-Logs -for use in building homes, cabins, garages, sheds, retaining walls, etc.

  (1-sided ‘D’ Logs or 2-sided ‘D’ Logs)

  -6x7, 8x8

            *Note: Log side comes with bark on, skip-peeled, or hand-peeled


Tongue + Groove D Logs - for use in building homes, cabins, garages, sheds, retaining walls, etc

  Uniformly milled logs featuring a unique ‘drip front’ edge to keep water from seeping into stacked logs

  -6x6, 6x8, 8x8

            *Note: These milled products may be hand hewn for a more rustic appearance.


Full Round Hand-crafted Logs and Log Home Structures Built and erected on your site

  -10-12” milled, then hand peeled full round log shells at prices that compete with 2x6 framed construction

  - Fully Handcrafted log home shells featuring the old fashioned ‘butt to taper’  

Slabs or logs - for mantles, counter-tops, shelving, stairs and treads, accents, purloins, trim, etc.


Log Furniture – We offer a line of about 50 log furniture products for both indoor and outdoor use – and we can make custom furniture pieces for you as well. All furniture is made from ‘standing dead’ timber.



1.)    All board products can be ordered planed 3 sides or 4 sides.  (Planing only 3 sides leaves the band saw or circular saw rough cut surface exposed - many customers want to feature the rough cut face but desire a uniform thickness for the best appearance and ease in installation.) Hand-hewn is also available now!

2.)    Please allow 2 to 4 weeks and 5 -15% overage on your order.  We do not sort for ‘Rustic’ vs. ‘Premium’ grading of our products – we leave the finished look of the product up to you.  If you want a ‘premium’ look with few imperfections, knots and/or cracks/splits, then please allow for more overage so that these natural ‘imperfections’ can be cut out of your finished product.  Like all wood products, our products should be acclimated at normal temperatures for about two weeks to allow for any shrinking that may occur prior to installation.  Please contact us for price quotes and lead times. Discounts may be available to contractors and/or for volume orders.  Sorry, but we offer no warranties, expressed or implied, and do not accept returns.


‘Green’ is the new Red, White, and Blue, so join us in our efforts to salvage and recycle Colorado's devastated Lodgepole Pine forests by ordering our beautiful and unique log homes and specialty lumber products today!

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Thank you for your interest in our products, and remember……..

Be Green, Build ‘Blue’,! Ó



  • Green is the new Red, White and Blue!

    Join us in our efforts to salvage Colorado's devastated "Blue Pine" beetle-killed forests by ordering our reclaimed log homes, timber framed homes and hundreds of lumber and timber products!