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  • 03/15/2010 Beetle-kill wood from Colorado is hard to come by

  • 03/14/2010 Beetle-kill lumber from Boulder County or Colorado hard to find

  • 12/30/2007  Struggling entrepreneurs find new life from pines' dead wood, By Nicholas Riccardi Los Angeles Times  

  • 12/27/2007  In the Rockies, Warming Pushes Tiny, Destructive Bark Beetle into Lower Altitudes, Organic Consumers Association

  • 11/15/2007  Beetle kill gives industry new life

  • 7/17/2006  'Unprecented' unity on pine beetle battle

  • 7/13/2006  Affordable Housing in Summit County, Our Future Summit 


General Media Coverage

Videos in the News

  • Invasion of the Pine Beetle

  • Mountain Pine Beetles: A climate Change Catastrophe

  • Mountain Pine Beetle and Fire in our Forests

  • Beetlemania: an aerial tour of central Colorado forests infested by the Mountain Pine Beetle

  • CBC News Forests being “Eaten Away”

  • Mountain Pine Beetle Documentary

  • CBC News – “Pine Beetle Adds to CO2 Problem”

  • Congressman Denny Rehberg Testifies About Western Pine Beetle

  • Science Central: Trees and Global Warming

  • Mountain Pine Beetle: The FallDown Documentary

  • Beetles Destroy Pines in the Rockies


Press Releases

  • Looking to add new Retail studios in Co.
  • New suppliers added for rough cut lumber
  •  New Domain Names added to help in web searches.
  • Green is the new Red, White and Blue!

    Join us in our efforts to salvage Colorado's devastated "Blue Pine" beetle-killed forests by ordering our reclaimed log homes, timber framed homes and hundreds of lumber and timber products!