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    Our BETTER Line of Rocky Mountain Blue Ponderosa Pine
    Pre-finished Premium Beetlekill Wood Flooring

    Simply put, this is currently the highest quality beetlekill wood flooring available on the market today - provided to you at very affordable prices that are lower than almost all other quality wood flooring that is available in long lengths and wider stock than the commonly used 1-3/4" to 3-1/4" wide flooring. This very affordable 'hybrid' pre-finished BETTER line of flooring features our Premium Beetlekill Wood with 2 coats of water based Acrylic floor finish, and is our base line offering of pre-finished product. It is designed to provide all the benefits of pre-sanded and pre-finished flooring, as well as the benefits of finishing on site after installation to seal all the planks up tightly together after installation.
    • This product is meant to be installed and then top-coated on site with at least one, and preferably 2 - 3 coats of additional finish**, so as to provide protection and durability for many years to come.
    • Pricing includes a final flap sand so that additional coats may be applied in the field without having to do anymore sanding - if you follow the finish manufacturer's directions to do so properly
    **Please note that unless you desire a pre-maturely distressed and antiqued appearance on your floor, it is not adequate to simply use this product 'as is' with only two coats of finish, thus it should be top coated on site to provide the durability needed for normal to heavy floor traffic.

    Our 'hybrid' product line provides smooth heavy coats of evenly applied finish that make it a lot easier for the non-professional to complete the flooring project without it looking like an 'amateur job.
    • The sanding and the first few coats over raw unfinished wood are the hardest to apply smoothly and evenly without significant prior experience. It is much more difficult to make 'rookie mistakes' that will be seen forever after we have done the sanding and applied the first 2-3 coats of finish.
    • This product also eliminates enormous amounts of labor and mess on-site - you won't have to live with the lingering fine sawdust that penetrates every nook and cranny as well as the heating and cooling system that helps spread it throughout your home or business.
    • It greatly reduces the installation, sanding and finishing time of 'living in a construction zone', so you can return to the rigors of daily life much more quickly.
    • It helps greatly in keeping the overall cost per square foot (SF) low for both 'do-it-your-self' and professional installers.
    • You can apply the top coats of the harder, more durable, and more expensive finish for less money that we can... though professionals are likely to charge as much or more.
    • In addition to the financial savings you gain by top coating on site, you also gain the protection of sealing your flooring up tightly together to get an outstandingly beautiful and tough floor as inexpensively as possible.

    A unique and tremendous advantage of our sanding and pre-finishing process is that we seal up all 4 sides of each plank.
    • This aids tremendously in creating a more stable flooring product that is far less subject to expansion and contraction no matter where it is installed. This benefit is further enhanced by the on-site top coating which seals the entire floor up tightly together after installation, thereby overcoming the one disadvantage of most pre-finished flooring products.
    • It is much less likely for humidity changes to affect the wood, and thus cause significant expansion and contraction of the planks, if humidity and moisture cannot easily nor quickly penetrate through the finishes.

    As opposed to the generally accepted standard of 10-14 days under normal living conditions, only a short acclimatization period on site is needed in similar low humidity climates due to the drying process we utilize prior to milling and finishing.
    • More acclimatization time is needed in high humidity areas.
    • Please refer to our instructions and tech support
    Our standard line of pre-finished flooring is provided with industry standard micro-beveled edges and we utilize a satin sheen unless otherwise specified. A Semi-gloss sheen and a Gloss sheen is available.

    We are the only known company that goes to these steps to ensure that Beetlekill wood flooring is of the quality you would expect to find at a quality flooring dealer showroom or outlet.
    1. Complete instructions and tech support for the acclimating, care, installation, and finishing of our products
    2. Sorting to a higher grade of wood with our Premium Beetlekill Wood sort
    3. Drying the planks evenly and uniformly down to 7-9% moisture levels BEFORE it is milled to profile, per wood flooring industry standards
    4. Milling on high end machinery at slower operating speeds (25-30 LF/minute vs. 150-200 LF/minute) to ensure the highest quality and tightest tolerances possible with a wood product that is difficult and expensive to process
    5. Options for various textured wood surfaces, such as our Curved or Square Blade Hand-hewn, our Wire-brushed, and our Skip-Planed textures
    6. A variety of sanding and pre-finishing services

    Three edge styles are offered: Our standard and most common profile is the Micro-beveled edge, but we also offer an Eased-edge, and a Micro-radius' edge. There is a $.15 - $.25 SF surcharge for the latter two profiles depending upon the quantity purchased.
    Wood Product Details
    Finish Info and Top Coat Options:

    All stains and finishes used and recommended are eco-friendly waterborne finishes that are self-leveling, non-yellowing, dry quickly and clearly to the natural coloring of the wood, and are easy to apply and clean-up.
    • Acrylic: Though a high quality finish, this is the least expensive and least durable of the three water-based clear coat flooring finishes that we offer. It performs well, but it is not as hard nor impact resistant as the Poly-crylic or pure Polyurethane finishes, so we recommend this as the most affordable way to apply base coats that help build finish thickness to improve overall performance.
    • Poly-crylic is a blend of polyurethane and acrylic. It is significantly harder and more scratch resistant, as well as being significantly more impact resistant than Acrylic finishes, which helps to reduce indentations in the flooring.
    • A hardening and curing catalyst can be used for top coats on site. The use of the catalyst increases hardness by 10-15% and cuts the product cure time to its full hardness down to only 3-4 days.
    • Pure Polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide Technology is the hardest, most scratch and impact resistant floor finish available, and though our brand selection of finishes outperforms most other brands, it is not the most expensive on the market.
    • For the longest wear and most scratch, abrasion, and indentation resistance, we recommend that you use this finish.
    • A hardening and curing catalyst can be used for top coats on site. The use of the catalyst increases hardness by 10-15% and cuts the product cure time to its full hardness down to only 3-4 days.

    How many coats of finish do I need?
    • For low to moderate traffic areas, like spare bedrooms, we recommend at least 3 coats of finish, so please apply at least one additional top coat after installation; preferably our top of the line pure water-based Polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide technology. Although the mid-grade Poly-crylic finish performs well, it is not as hard or abrasion resistant as the pure polyurethane, so if only wanting to apply a 3 coat finish, we would highly recommend our Polyurethane with the catalyst for the top coat.
    • For normal to moderately high traffic areas - areas not regularly subject to abuse from dirt clogged shoes, kids running around in their athletic cleats, or medium to large dogs sized dogs doing the 'scooby-doo' run when company arrives - we recommend 2 additional coats of finish. The Poly-crylic does well, but we do recommend that you use the catalyst to increase hardness and abrasion resistance.
    • For high traffic, heavy lifestyle abuse, and/or commercial applications, areas more roughly treated and/or subject to impact and abuse, we recommend at least 2 coats of polyurethane, but even better is two coats of Poly-crylic and a top coat of Polyurethane.

    The flooring and finishing manufacturing process:
    We start the manufacturing process of this high-quality flooring by first sorting our 'sticker stacked' air-dried rough-cut lumber to determine what wood is worth kiln drying and what material can be re-manufactured into sorter lengths and/or narrower widths.
    • Dead trees have wide variations in moisture and a lot of cracks. Unfortunately, these are inherent problems in milling dead timber, and two of the three primary reasons that so few companies manufacture beetlekill wood.
    • These wide moisture variations create problems for us during the kiln drying process as the kiln can certainly not determine which stock to dry more or less to even the moisture out between planks, so we address this later.
    • Cracked and split lumber is sorted out, as well as stock that has cupped or has significant bows, bends, twists, or knot fall out.

    Then we kiln-dry this pre-sorted lumber to 15% or less, and sort again to remove stock that has become unstable, twisted, bowed, or cracked during the kiln drying process.
    At this point the boards can run from about 4% to 15% moisture.
    • Due to these moisture variations in every plank, if we mill the stock to your profile of choice at this time, we, like our competitors in beetlekill/blue stain wood products, end up with various widths of flooring once all the planks have equalized to the environment in which they are going to 'live'.
    • A 1x6 S4S board at 3/4" thick x 5 1/2" wide at 15% and drying to 7% will shrink by 1/8". Wider stock obviously shrinks even more than this.
    • Variations in plank widths create a lot of extra work and time to match board widths up on site during installation to avoid large gaps between planks.
    • We compete with this market price point and product quality level by offering our Good Line of product, but with full disclosure that these variations will occur.

    Next we run the rough cut boards through a moulder to produce smooth planed (S4S) boards, and sort again to separate the Premium Beetlekill Wood from the lower quality wood, as well as removing material that has cracked, bowed, dent or twisted during the kiln drying process. The Premium Beetlekill Wood is then separated with spacers and racked to allow equalization in moisture to occur in each and every plank over two to four weeks' time, and thus further dry it to 7-9% moisture content. Stock that has become unstable or cracked is removed prior to milling the wood to profile.
    • Equalizing the moisture in all the planks and drying to 7-9% PRIOR to milling is critical to manufacturing quality flooring!
    • Western softwoods, including Pine, with a moisture level of 15%, drying to 5%, can shrink across the width of a 1x6 board by almost 3/16"! Wider stock shrinks even more than this, and narrower stock less so.
    • This process of drying and bringing the wood to equilibrium helps greatly to ensure that any expansion or contraction of the wood across the width, as a result of humidity and temperature changes, occurs at the same rate in all planks, thus almost completely avoiding any significant width variations in the flooring plank.

    Finally, the stock is run through a high-end moulder at low speeds to provide high milling quality and the tightest milling tolerances possible in the T&G profile of choice. Stock is run through a drum sander to remove planing chatter and open the wood cells that have been 'cooked' closed through the heat and friction generated during the milling process. Then we run the planks through a flap sander to smooth out the directional sanding marks left by the drum sanding and smooth the surface in preparation for finishing. Planks are thoroughly cleaned, then we run the stock through our machinery to apply the coating, and out into a heat and air oven. After the appropriate time, the planks are racked to allow the appropriate drying time before flap sanding again and applying the next coat of finish. This process is repeated for each coat of finish applied.

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    ‘Green’ is the new Red, White, and Blue, so join us in our efforts to salvage and recycle Colorado's devastated Lodgepole Pine forests by ordering our beautiful and unique log homes and specialty lumber products today! 
  • Thank you for your interest in our products, and remember to……..

    ‘Be Green, Build Blue’ 


Thank you for your interest in our products, and remember to……..‘Be Green, Build Blue’

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  • Green is the new Red, White and Blue!

    Join us in our efforts to salvage Colorado's devastated "Blue Pine" beetle-killed forests by ordering our reclaimed log homes, timber framed homes and hundreds of lumber and timber products!