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We have products ranging from furniture and flooring all the way to log homes.

Significant discounts from our retail pricing are available – based upon cumulative product volume.  We can go up to 30% off retail with significant volumes of our ‘Blue Pine Reclaimed Timber Products’;  from log & timber frame homes to lumber, from flooring and siding to cabinets and doors, from paneling and furniture to fencing and character wood products – almost anything made out of wood.   Or you can combine purchase volume by combining volume of all our products. This includes everything that we can provide you – from traditional cabinets to sinks and fixtures, from solid wood doors to granite, from cultured and natural stone to brick – and many of our product offerings are manufactured locally, here in Colorado, so we can keep our citizens employed.

Our focus and passion is on our extensive line of ‘Blue Pine’ Reclaimed Wood Products, including 5 styles of log homes and our timber frame line. We also offer cabinets, doors, furniture and But the log and lumber business is not an easy business, so we have recognized the value of providing complimentary products for the remodeling or building of your homes.  We can provide almost everything that you need to build a home, from the ground up –  quality products at great value.  The value we offer generally beats most other suppliers, including the big home centers.

Please take the time to read through our ‘Blue Pine’ Sawmill Products Summary, our FAQ’s on ‘Blue Pine’ products, and our Acclimatization Information.  We now provide 3 types and grades of ‘Blue Pine’ lumber, mouldings, trim, flooring, siding, and much more.  We offer both local Colorado Lodgepole Pine ‘Scrumptious’ beetle kill products and a line of US Blue Ponderosa Pine (US only – not Canadian) ‘Delicious’ wood products.  To encourage use and help ensure satisfaction, we always include 3-5% of free overage on our local ‘Scrumptious’ Blue Pine. Normally, we find that the industry standard of 10% for overage to allow for trimming, etc., is just fine. If you want ‘perfect’ or minimal character and knots, then we recommend that you buy 15 to 20% more than the footage required. 

 We can offer up 25% off normal retail costs on our kitchen and bathroom cabinets.   Currently we have two lines available; Mastercraft Cabinets (made in CO), which offers many options, and another economical import line.  They are attractive and well-built cabinets, made from 100% wood (no particle board or melamine's); solid wood fronts, drawers, and shelves with plywood veneered sides.  Few others can beat the value we offer.  And of course, we can provide you ‘Blue Pine’ cabinets as well.

 We have a line of about 20 hardwood flooring products – from custom runs through our planning mill, to pre-finished Rustic Birch and Maple, to some real nice exotics – and at great prices.  And don’t forget our Blue Pine’ Plank or T&G flooring, available in 1x4 through 1x12 widths, and in a variety of wood face finishes, such as Hewn or Circular-sawn.

We have Granite slab vanity and countertops – both custom and pre-fabricated and again at great prices.  A great number of sinks, both traditional and vessel styles, and fixtures are available as well.  We provide the Kingston Brass ( ) and the Elements of Design Faucets and Fixtures lines ( )- great value for products very similar in all ways to the big names that spend a fortune for advertising and then of course pass that cost on to you.  These two lines generally run about  2/3’s to 3/4's of the cost of the well known name brands - and we give you at least 10% off the listed retail prices online.

 Eldorado Cultured Stone and Monarch Natural Stone and Veneered Stone are both available, and soon we will have these products up on our website for your viewing, but for now the can be seen at our Granby showroom.

 We have two styles of Rustic Knotty Pine doors and now offer an extensive line of ‘Blue Pine’ doors in many styles as well.  We can meet or beat most prices for similar products and this will add to your cumulative volume to get the prices down on other products.  All styles and sizes are offered at the same price – starting as low as $149 each for the pre-hung and $99 for the slabs. 

We want to sincerely thank you for your interest and inquiry and hope that we are able to be of further service.  We would love to earn your business, so let us know how we can help.  Again, thank you for considering to build in a ‘GreenWay’…….


We can often provide you with referrals to reputable and well known Builders and Contractors for either remodeling services or new building projects. We are always looking to expand our quality contractor, architect, and designer database so we can refer work to your business - please let us know if you are interested.                                         












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    Join us in our efforts to salvage Colorado's devastated "Blue Pine" beetle-killed forests by ordering our reclaimed log homes, timber framed homes and hundreds of lumber and timber products!