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GreenLife Industries, LLC: Salvaged and Recycled ‘Blue Pine’ Timber Products

Rocky Mountain and Native Colorado Wood Products

Our ‘Blue Pine Recycled Timber’ brand of Siding and Paneling information.

Thank you for your inquiry and interest. We would love to provide you with one of our beautiful and unique, eco-friendly wood flooring products.  Please refer to our website, there is a lot of information and pictures available to you – check back often as it is constantly being added to and upgraded.

There are very few sources for these products, and there are some significant differences in what we offer you... Most of our wood products) are professionally beveled and ‘kerfed’ or ‘relief cut’ on the backside of the board.  We offer Grades #2-3 and our ‘Country Rustic Character Wood’, which are both Air-dried and/or Kiln-dried.  Additionally, the stock is packaged in 4-8 pieces per bundle for ease of carrying to the site for storage, and to help keep the wood in good condition at the site while acclimating.  We found that when we do not do this, you are more likely to suffer significant losses of material on site.  To encourage the use of local ‘Blue Pine’ wood products right from our own backyard, we also provide 3-5% overage of stock, at no cost to you, on all of our ‘Country Rustic Character Wood’ Products.  This is also to help ensure your satisfaction; in the event that you find a few pieces that you do not like, or maybe a few pieces have bowed, cupped or twisted.  Despite the extra care and steps we take to prevent this, it is a natural wood product and sometimes it just happens!

Generally, we run 1-3 weeks for lead times, and like all wood products you need to let the wood acclimate.  Industry guidelines call for a minimum of two weeks, in the location and at the temperature and humidity that the wood product will ‘live’ in, but often we find that 7 to 10 days will bring your wood to the proper adjustment in your home/business climate.  This allows the wood to stabilize, so that it does not shrink or swell after installation - beyond that of any other wood product. A professional contractor, carpenter or installer should have moisture meters to check the wood, and will know when it is ready to install.  (Please refer to our ‘Acclimatization Guidelines’, and our ‘Installation Guidelines’.)  The most commonly used product is the 1x6 Tongue and Groove (T&G) paneling for interiors and either 1x6 or 1x8 lap siding for exteriors. Our pricing runs from $1.19 s/f to over $5.00 s/f*, depending upon the product you chose, the type of face finish, and the amount that you want.

We think you will find our wood products quite affordable compared with many other products on the market, but we certainly want your feedback.  We have many other styles of siding and paneling, with a variety of face finishes – from smooth to band-sawn, to circular sawn or wire-brushed, to roughed or hand-hewn.  Please refer to our specific product information for more details.

We ask for 65% down at the placement of the order and the balance due prior to delivery or pick up. 

We also have over 900 other unique products that will fit in beautifully with your remodel or new build project..... flooring, baseboards, trim, mouldings, accent log work, unique door headers, siding of all types, cabinets, doors, furniture and many other products that you will not typically find at your local lumberyard or home center.

*We provide a 10% for Colorado residents when you tell us how you found us or whom referred you.  Orders under 200 SF will have a $69 set-up charge, but there is a 5% discount for orders of 500 s/f, and additional discounts for larger orders - we will do our best to earn your business! 

Contractors and dealers are eligible for discounts, and possibly distribution pricing, as well.                    






Wood Face Finish Options:

(Additional pictures are available upon request)


Rougher-head (RH) face:  Add $.30 SF

 This finish is commonly used as the least expensive method of creating a textured appearance with minimal variations.  May be finished with or without a light sand. You should plan on 3+ coats of finish to provide a smooth, durable flooring surface.


Circular-sawn (C/S) face: Add $.40 SF

(Not available in USA Blue Ponderosa Pine)    Optional drum sanding is available.

 This rough-cut product is reminiscent of the old days.  The surface shows the curvature of the large sawmill blade as it cuts through the face of the wood.  Due to the rustic nature of the face finish, we recommend that you sand the coarse fibers off which leaves the character and depth of the product.   Plan on 5-7 coats of finish which creates depth and an extremely durable surface.

Wire-brushed (WB) face: Add $.60 SF for 1x6 or 1x8     Optional drum sanding is available.

                        This finish is provides more depth than that which can be obtained with our Rougher-head finish.  Wire brushes are used to create texture and character with highs and lows defined by the density of the wood as the brush runs across the surface.  This finish should be lightly sanded (we provide a drum sanding service for additional charges as noted below, or it can be done on site.)  Plan on 3-4 finish coats to seal and provide a smooth and very durable flooring surface.  



Re-sawn/Band-sawn (RS) face: Add $.50 SF          Optional drum sanding is available.       

 This rough-cut face is much more moderate in texture than the Circular-sawn product above and has far less character.  It is far more commonly used for the wood face finish in siding products.

Plan on a very light sand to remove course fibers and 3-4 clear coats  to provide a smooth flooring surface. 


Skip-planed Circular-sawn (SPCS) face: Add $.60 SF

(Not available in USA Blue Ponderosa Pine)            Optional drum sanding is available.

This has become a very popular product.  It combines “the old with the new”, and as a moderately textured finish, helps blend in normal wear and tear, as well as hide damage when it occurs.  We recommend a light sanding and then applying 3-5 clear coats to provide a smooth flooring surface.  These heavy coats create a very durable surface and perform very well in preventing damage from heavy traffic, gravel; pets, etc. (Please request additional photos of finished floor appearances.)


Square-blade Hewn (SBH) face: Add $.75 SF                                                      

This finish is reminiscent of old fashioned flooring that could only be smoothed of the rough surface by hewing Circular-sawn Rough-cut boards down with a square bladed finishing tool or draw knife with a narrow blade. Generally we avoid hewing the edges of the boards at the T&G, but we can run randomly into the edges to provide an even more ‘rustic, yet elegant’ appearance.  All hewing is done with hand tools and thus provides a random hewn appearance.



 Curved-blade Hewn (CBH) face: Add $.75 SF                                               

This finish is similar to some of the old Amish hand-scraped wood surface finishes, though we use a wider curved blade to lightly cut the profile seen at right into the face of the board.  Generally we avoid hewing the edges of the boards at the T&G, but we can run randomly into the edges to provide an even more ‘rustic, yet elegant’ appearance.  All hewing is done with hand tools and thus provides a random hewn appearance.